About us
Research and Development Background
Tang Herb is an empirical formula from Yunnan province, China. In late 80s of last century, AIDS was founded in China. In Yunnan Province,AIDS is prevalent because of all kind of reasons such as drug or drug trafficking. At that time ,there was no anti-virus drugs let along treatment such as HARRT, patients had to ask traditional Chinese medicine doctors for help. Inventor concluded the effective formula finally under the guide of TCM theory from thousands of clinical practice. Based on safety and effectiveness tests, under the guide of New Drug Research Guidance published by SFDA, a lot of scientists from various subjects made a pre-clinical research systematically and scientifically about this formula. The research includes pharmacodynamics research, processing methods research on effective ingredients extraction , research about preparation manufacturing techniques, research about standardization, research about acute toxicity, research about long-term toxicity and hundreds of clinical studies complied with GCP provision etc.. After that, via evaluation by authoritative experts from SFDA, we got the approval certification by SFDA.

Production Introduction

[Name] Tang Herb
[Specification] 0.4 g per pill
[Usage and Dosage] Oral administration. 8 pills one time, 3 times every day, 6 months for one treatment period.
[Approval No.] Z20050291

Product Brief
一、Tang Herb is the first and only licensed TCM for AIDS. Its approval No. is Z0050291.

Tang Herb is the only drug which can be used in AIDS asymptomatic period.

Tang Herb can be used in combination with HAART for AIDS.

Tang Herb is the first choice TCM for AIDS recommended by China CDC.
Product principle


Use time: It can be used in ‘window period’, the earlier the use, the better the efficacy. With the enhancement of immunity, the coccurance rate of opportunistic infection will be reduced. Thus, it is supposed to use Tang Herb as early as possible to enhance immunity to prevent the occurrence of opportunistic infection. What’s more, Tang Herb can also cure a lot of opportunistic infections, such as skin pruritus, herpes, oral Candida albicans infection, viral Hepatitis and so on.
Evaluation about clinical effectiveness
Besides clinical indexes about virology, immunology,epidemiology, etc., we should put more emphasis on symptom amelioration and improvement of life quality.
Acting targets: Tang Herb has a lot of acting targets to recover health. it can enhance human’s immunity and recover the count of CD+T lymphocytes, CD34+ and white blood cells.
Therapy period: Be sure to take Tang Herb for more than 6 months or even longer. The effectiveness will be better.
Immunity Reconstruction: Tang Herb can increase CD+4 lymphocytes, recover damaged CD+4 lymphocytes, damaged T cells and B cells of humoral immune system and increase while blood cells greatly. Tang Herb has great efficacy on various opportunistic infections, and it can ameliorate the symptoms of fatigue, alopecia, poor appetite and diarrhea ,etc. as well as the functional classification. Thus, it can delay the AIDS progression by reconstructing patient’s immunity function.
Tang Herb has advantages in immunity reconstruction, while HAART (cocktail therapy) has advantages in inhibiting HIV-1. However, Tang Herb can make up for the disadvantages of HAART. Thus, the combination use of Tang Herb and HAART, there will be a better effectiveness in clinical application. Tang Herb can reduce the adverse reaction of HAART and delay the progression of AIDS.
Adverse reactions: Hundreds of clinical trials had been carried out, there has no adverse actions founded so far. As a kind of compound TCM, it is difficult for resistant strains to grow and it can be used clinically for a long time. There is no addiction and withdrawal rebound phenomenon of Tang Herb. Drug cessation will have no effect on the first stage HARRT drug’s efficacy (Because its acting mechanism is different from anti-virus drugs).
    Compliance: To guarantee drug’s therapy effectiveness, it is suggested that patients should take drugs on time.

Typical Cases

 Poster: puzzled pig             Time: 11:30:55 a.m. , 28th, October, 2009

Hello, expert. 6 months ago, my CD4 is 130 and I have been resistant to the drugs in first and second stage. My skin becomes very bad, with fatigue and a lot of nightmares. However, after taking Tang Herb, the symptoms recover generally. Now, my CD4 increased to 190. I appreciate you for it greatly. If I had not taken Tang Herb, I would have died. I appreciate you in the bottom of my heart.

Response from expert:
Hello, patient. Firstly, congratulation for your recovering and we also thank you for your trust to Tang Herb. Your recovering is the best support to us. According to your recent situation, as long as you continue to take Tang Herb, you can live as well as the health. It is better for you to keep a good attitude during your therapy period and have more rests. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Poster: Blue dream             Time: 13:22:24 p.m., 18th, November, 2009

Here is my case. I have had one high risk experience before long and I had some bad feeling. After a check in hospital, I was confirmed as HIV infector. I feel so desperate and I searched a lot of information on the internet. I found that many patients said your product’s efficacy was very good. Is your product suitable for me? Please kindly give me an answer as soon as possible. Thank you.

We are terribly sorry for that but you shall never lose your heart. According to what you described, you are in latency now. If you start taking Tang Herb, you may get your CD4 cell count maintained in a stable level. Meanwhile, Tang Herb will also ameliorate symptoms you now have.


Poster: Leap through time    Time: 08:12:41 a.m., 6th, Jan., 2010

I was one of your patients, I have been taking Tang Herb for a year . I was HIV antibody positive and had 5 years’ history of intravenous drug. My groin was festered because of drug injecting and my chest was festered because of scratching my rashes. I took antibiotic but the efficacy was not so well so a lot of money wasted. I read your product’s introduction, and I decided to give it a try for one month’s treatment. Fortunately, the efficacy is so good. Thus, I bought more products for six month’s treatment. After taking all the pills, I felt much better. Now, I recovered a lot, just like a normal person. My CD4 is increased to 400. I feel so happy because I have hope.

We are so happy to hear the good news. Congratulations! It is mainly your efforts. As an intravenous drug user, the most important thing is that you have to quit drugs before treatment, or what you have done will end up in nothing. Thanks for your support to our product. According to your condition, you may stop taking the pills for one month to make the body has a self cleaning drug process. After that , continue to taking the pills, you will have a better efficacy.

Poster: The last time???? Time: 14:30:10 p.m., 15th, May, 2010
I was just confirmed as an HIV infector last month. I feel so bad because I have fever, rash and diarrhea. I have no other wishes I just want to live like normal people. I learnt something about your product through internet. If I start Tang Herb now, how long will I live

You’re now in latency stage. You may have some symptoms, but it is different among different persons. Some persons will have no symptoms. However, AIDS is a kind of chronic disease, the disease is progressing from time to time. so, it is better to treat in advance. If you take Tang Herb from now on, you will get your life prolonged. Nowadays, the scientists all over the world are working hard on how to cure AIDS thoroughly. You should hold hope and wait until that day’s coming.

Questions & answers
1.Question: What’s the acting mechanism of Tang Herb?

Answer: Tang Herb is a pure TCM preparation made from more than 20 sophisticated chosen Chinese medicines which are scientifically formulated and refined by modernized technology. It contains various compounds with different structure and acting targets. Modern pharmacological studies show that it owns the function of inhibiting HIV virus replication, improving immunity, repairing damaged immunity cells, oxidation resistance and eliminating free radicals , protecting liver, deferring AIDS’s progression, preventing opportunistic infections etc..
Thus, Tang Herb is a real cocktail therapy to treat HIV/AIDS.

2.Question: What are the main ingredients of Tang Herb?

Answer: Lonicerae Japonicae Flos, Bupleuri Radix, Glycyrrhizae Radix et Rhizoma, Astragali Radix, Ginkgo Folium, Erodii Herba, Trichosanthis Pericarpium, Moslae Herba, etc.

3.Question: What kind of people does Tang Herb apply for?
Answer: Tang Herb applies for HIV/AIDS infectors and AIDS patients.( it can be used in any AIDS period)
4.Question: What’s the pharmacology and toxicology of Tang Herb?
Answer: It can inhibit HIV and HCV to those who infected with HIV and HCV. It also can reduce β2- microglobulin in peripheral blood of HIV infectors,promote the secretory function of Th1 cells, enhance T cell’s immunity function and control virus replication. In-vitro experiment shows that Tang Herb can inhibit HIV-1 replication.
5. Question:What kind of CD4 range is Tang Herb suitable for and in which range of CD4, can Tang Herb get a prominent efficacy?
Answer: Tang Herb applies for HIV-1/AIDS patients in any CD4 range, which was proved by recent clinical applications. The range described in package insert is the range which should be set to evaluate results easily in clinical study. Thus, in the approval documents of SFDA, it reads “ it is used for HIV infectors and AIDS patients (whose CD4 cells count are between 100-400 cells/㎜3) , and it can increase CD4 lymphocytes , improve the symptoms such as fatigue, alopecia, poor appetite and diarrhea as well as the functional classification”. Nowadays, more and more clinical cases show that it also has good efficacy on the patients whose CD4 cells count are? ≥ 400个/ ㎜3 or ≤100个/ ㎜3.

6、Question: What kind of response will digestive tract have when using Tang Herb combined with HAART?

Answer: The combination use of Tang Herb and HAART can ameliorate the adverse reaction of digestive tract caused by HAART. For example, the diarrhea can be recovered well. However, some patients will likely have transient diarrhea (or even worse) because of their physical biased deficiency, and this can’t be regarded as adverse reaction of Tang Herb. Generally, a few days later, these adverse reaction will disappear.
And some patients will likely have the fullness feeling, and this is the normal physiological phenomenon because of Tang Herb’s nourishing Qi and spleen.

7、Question:Will it reduce the resistance for anti-virus drug by taking Tang Herb?

Answer:There have not any actual statistics so far prove that Tang Herb can reduce anti-virus drug resistance. However, the clinical cases shows that taking Tang Herb can increase blood white cell count as well as protect body from rash, pancreatitis, and liver function damage which are induced by HAART.

8、Question: What are the cautions while using Tang Herb combined with HAART?

Answer: Taking western drugs will have a lot of adverse reactions, and the administration must be under doctor’s guidance. Tang Herb can be used in combination with other drugs in clinical application and there have no severe side-effect been found. Pharmacological experiments of Tang Herb show that it can reduce the bone marrow suppression, leucopenia, etc., which caused by chemotherapy. Although the combination use of Tang Herb and HAART will have a better efficacy, it is suggested that patients should take Tang Herb under the doctor’s guidance, and doctors should observe patient’s clinical performance from time to time. If any uncomfortableness occurs, it is suggested to cease administration immediately. While in combination use, it is recommended not to take the two drugs at the same time. Please take anti-virus drugs first and 1 hour late, Tang Herb..