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TangHerb and Compliance

Compliance is a medical term that means the degree to which a patient correctly follows medical advice.

In the treatment of AIDS, we cannot emphasize the importance of compliance too much. The treatment of HIV / AIDS is a long-term process, and the patient's compliance is a decisive factor.

Good compliance can achieve following goals:

①maintain stabile drug concentration in the body;

②inhibit virus replication persistently to the greatest extent;

③reduce the occurrence of drug resistance;

promote immune reconstitution, thus achieve the expected theutical effect;

⑤ slow down the progression of HIV infection to AIDS and reduce mortality rate.

In TCM treatment of HIV / AIDS, the patient's compliance is also crucial, and because of the particularity of HIV / AIDS treatment by Chinese medicine, the compliance issues become particularly prominent.

The common cases of bad compliance :

Chinese medicine can be used in the asymptomatic period of AIDS , the infections in this period are less urgent and infecters are not always desperate to seek medical treatment;

the compliance is still poor even after treatment has started and the patients can not adhere to medication, resulting in a high drop-out;

the dosage is 3 times a day, 8 tablets a time, which is a large dose and an important factor for drop-out;

some patients withdraw the drugs without doctors permission after the symptoms get improved or become stable;

TCM takes effects relatively slowly and usually it takes a long-term medication before its efficacy emerges. Lack of patience may lead to poor compliance.

Chinese medicine treatment is characterized by little side effects, but it takes effects slowly, and needs a long-term medication to demonstrate its outstanding effects. "TangHerb" is China's first and currently the only pure TCM for AIDS which received a new drug certificate issued by the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA). Good compliance is necessary in order to take its full advantage to treat AIDS.


The advantages of TangHerb:

1,It can improve immune function, effectively improve the CD4+T lymphocyte count ; restore impaired CD34+ cells; recover T-cells and B cells of impaired humoral immune system ; elevate white blood cells .

2, It has a direct and effective role for a variety of opportunistic infections, which can improve the fatigue, hair loss, loss of appetite, diarrhea and other symptoms, improve functional activities, so it can delay AIDS progression. Therefore, it can improve the patient’s quality of life and restore their work ability; it can reconstruct the immune function in fact.

3, Preliminary clinical trials have shown that if used in combination with antiviral drugs, it can enhance therapeutic effect.

4, It takes a long course of treatment, normally six months to see an obvious effect. Therefore, the patients’ "perseverance" and co-ordination are especially necessary. Moreover, They must not withdraw on their own even when the symptoms get improved or stabilized.