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The similarities and differences between TangHerb and HAART (“cocktail" therapy)

The similarities and differences of traditional Chinese medicine TangHerb and HAART in treatment of AIDS are as the following:


1, Intervention time

① TangHerb: it can be used as early as in the "window period", and it is better to use it earlier. Like the old saying, “If you are hygiene, the evil can not attack”, if your health (immune function) have been enhanced, the incidence of opportunistic infections will be reduced. In addition, TangHerb has a great therapeutic effect for many opportunistic infections, such as skin itching, herpes, cancer, oral Candida infections, viral hepatitis embolism, etc.

② HAART: it only can be used in the acute infection period, or in AIDS period. If used earlier, it will influence the response of immune system. Therefore, at present there is a tendency that HAART should be used when patients have apparent immune defects. Some also suggested that if a patient has serious opportunistic infections at the beginning of antiretroviral therapy, it should address the infections first rather than HIV/AIDS.


2, The targets

① TangHerb: Characterised as multi-target, multi-function , it can conduct an overall conditioning to the human body.

First, it has efficacy on immune function: it can effectively recover CD4+ T lymphocytes and recuperate impaired CD34+ cells, recover the activity of dysfunctional CD8+ T cells to inhibit viral replication, and increase leukocytes in blood.

Second, the active ingredients in TangHerb can slow up virus replication.

Third, TangHerb has a direct effect on a variety of opportunistic infections. Many TCM in TangHerb has an anti-tumor effect and can effectively inhibit tumor growth. Moreover, many herbs have the efficacy of clearing away heat and toxic material, dispelling wind and arresting itching and can be effective on anti-virus. By enhancing healthy qi to strengthen foundation, strengthening healthy qi to eliminate pathogens, it can restore appetite, muscle fullness, energetic, therefore, it can effectively improve the patients fatigue, hair loss, loss of appetite and diarrhea and other symptoms, and ameliorate functional activities. Thus it can improve patients’ the quality of life and prolong life expectancy.

② HAART: it effects several receptors in the life circle of HIV replication in serum, and decrease the blood viral load significantly in a relatively short time, yet it has no effect on HIV in the intestine, though, the HIV virus in intestinal tract exactly occupy 80% of total virus in human body, and it can be said that intestinal tract is veritably " sanctuary " of HIV.


3, Side-effects

① TangHerb: it has not yet found any serious side effects after hundreds of clinical trials. Moreover, because it is a compound prescription of TCM which make it not easy to produce drug-resistant strains, so it is suitable for long-term use.

② HAART: Nucleoside or nucleoside analogue antiviral drugs act on DNA chain of the virus and make it broken. In the meantime it has the same action on body cells, which generates many side effects patients can not tolerate, and injures liver and kidney at varying degrees. Sometimes it may reduce lymphocytes in blood. Drug resistance may be developed after using for a period of time, leading to HIV replication rebound and the reduced treatment efficacy. Then the patients need new drugs, or combination therapy, or increasing the dose, yet at the same time side effects increased.


4, Compliance

① TangHerb: As TangHerb does not have serious side effects, and the discomfort is less in medication, at the same time, it significantly improved patients’ quality of life , the compliance is better.

② HAART: it makes patients difficult to continue or forced to change treatment program because of side effects, so the compliance is not very good.


5, Immune function reconstruction

① TangHerb: it can increase CD4+ T lymphocyte cell count, effectively recover impaired CD34+ cells, restore function of impaired immune T cells and B cells; increase leukocyte in blood, promote secretion of IL-2 and IFN-γ.

TangHerb have a direct and effective treatment on a variety of opportunistic infections and it can improve the fatigue, hair loss, loss of appetite and diarrhea and other symptoms, improve functional classification, increase weight, thus it can delay AIDS  process. In fact, it reconstructs the immune function of patients.

②HAART has a certain effect, but still not very satisfactory. It only has effect on part of the patients, and sometimes reduces lymphocyte in blood.


6, How to evaluate clinical results

① TangHerb: In addition to various indicators of virology, immunology, epidemiology, we believe that we should think highly of symptom improvement and quality of life. The treatment of chronic diseases such as AIDS, should take the improvement of quality of life and the life extension as key indicators.

② HAART: HIV virus load, CD4+ T lymphocyte count, CD4+ T/CD8+ T-lymphocyte ratio.