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Tang Herb Project was awarded Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation project
Academician Wang Yongyan, an acknowledged Chinese Medical Specialist, pointed out that the use of Tang Herb in clinic is a good beginning for traditional Chinese drugs in AIDS treatment.

Academician Zhong Nanshan, president of the Chinese Medical Association, pointed out at the opening ceremony of 6th Annual Conference of China Pharmaceutical Association that TCM Tang Herb is clinically effective to control HIV replication.

Dec. 30, 2006, checked by CAS Shanghai Sci-Tech Novelty Retrieval Center, the invention of Tang Herb is innovative. The technical value, technical skill, clinic research, market development and the subsequent research thinking, all hold a leading position at home and abroad.

Oct. 2006, Tang Herb was appointed as the unique drug for the public welfare donation activity of AIDS prevention and cure in Nanning, Guangxi, organized by Shanghai Yan Baohang Public Fund.

Sep. 2006, the research project of Tang Herb was awarded as Qingpu Sci-tech Development Fund Project by Science and Technology Commission of Qingpu District.

May 2006, the subject of Tang Herb passed the inspection and acceptance of “National 10th Five Sci-tech programs”.

Apr. 2006, Tang Herb was listed into Shanghai Medical Insurance catalogue.