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HAH dedicates to the R&D and production of Traditional Chinese Medicines and natural drugs, combining the fruits of modern technology with the traditional medicines. We have to work hard and keep pace with times. Fairness, integrity and love are the qualities everyone should have.
So, let’s help people as many as we can,
Think of patients and produce high-quality drugs; Think of the weak and devote to their welfare;

Think of customers and gain mutual benefits, being honest to each colleague around us. Besides, we invite talents to join us, cultivate them with our work and dig out their potentials. We try hard to retain everyone who made a contribution to HAH because they are the most precious wealth for us.

Quality is our solemn promise which reflects our conscience, love and responsibility as drug maker. We must create wealth and develop our enterprise with our sweat and wisdom. We are one of the social members and should care about society,serve the society, as well as undertake the social accountability.